SIS strategy and values

three gears interlocked

SIS' Strategy 2010 - 2015

Sets out what we do, what we plan to do, and the values that underpin us.

SIS Mission

Is to give the UK advantage, acting secretly overseas to make the country safer and more prosperous.

We do this by:

  • Obtaining secret intelligence on critical security and economic issues to inform better policy decisions;
  • Operating overseas to disrupt terrorism and proliferation and helping to prevent and resolve conflict;
  • Using covert contacts overseas to shape developments and exploit opportunities in the UK's interests.

Over 2010 - 2015 we will:

  • Work with partners across Government to maximise our contribution to defence, security and economic priorities and combine capabilities in new and smarter ways;
  • Combine with other UK intelligence agencies to deliver maximum impact and turn cyberspace to the UK's advantage.
  • Support and develop our people, investing in our professional skills and the diversity of our workforce;
  • Invest in new technologies and use them to full effect; and
  • Work efficiently and imaginatively to deliver the best value.

SIS Values

We uphold these values:

Integrity - we act within our legal framework and with the highest ethical and professional standards;

Making a difference - we judge ourselves by the value we add in our daily work and the difference we contribute to real world outcomes;

Teamwork - we work as a team, across SIS, across Government and with our international partners;

Innovation - we use modern techniques, exploiting technology, working at pace, and being creative and intrepid in meeting our goals.