The Chief

The Chief - Alex Younger

SIS is headed by Alex Younger, known as the Chief of SIS or 'C' (after the first Chief, who signed himself  'C').  Alex took up his post on the 3rd November 2014.

The Chief's role

The Chief is the only serving member of the Service who is officially named in public.  He is appointed by, and is accountable to, the Foreign Secretary.  The Chief is responsible for the control of SIS operations and for the efficiency of the Service. He has a duty to ensure that all SIS actions are consistent with its statutory functions.

He makes an annual report on the work of SIS to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary.

Alex's career

Alex Younger is a career SIS officer and has been in the Service since 1991.

For the last two years he has been overseeing the Service's intelligence operations worldwide. He has had overseas postings in Europe and the Middle East and was the senior SIS officer in Afghanistan. He has filled a variety of operational roles in London, including leading the Services work on counter terrorism in the three years running up to the Olympic Games.

Before joining the Service, Alex was an officer in the British Army. He is an economics graduate.

Outside of SIS, Alex enjoys music, sailing and mountaineering. He is married with children.