The Chief - Video transcript

The Chief

Welcome to the Official Website of the Secret Intelligence Service.

My name is John Sawers and I have the great honour of being the Chief of SIS.

We are a secret organisation but I hope this website will give you a fuller picture of the sort of work that we do and how you might be able to help.

We are an organisation with a long and proud history.  We were formed in 1909 and we served the country through the First and Second World Wars, through the Cold War and now we address a range of modern demands; dealing with the threats of terrorism, nuclear proliferation and of conflicts around the world as well as helping uphold the prosperity of our country.

We are also firmly part of the British Government.  We work closely with the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Defence and other government departments, and with our partners in the Intelligence community.

We work to the Foreign Secretary who approves many of our operations and we are accountable to Parliament.  We are proud of being an ethical organisation working firmly within the framework of the law.

We are a secret organisation as our name clearly implies.  We do not publish what we do; we do not reveal the names and identities of the people who work for us.  But I hope through this website, that you will get a picture of some of the work we do and how you might be able to help.

So thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy browsing through the material on this website.  Thank you.