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Although SIS does not have a specific graduate training programme, we recruit recent graduates into Language Specialist and Technology expert roles.  We welcome applications from recent graduates and undergraduates in their final year who have the skills we need.  We're not looking for specific degree disciplines, although for some roles (such as Language Specialist and Technology Expert) there may be synergies with degree subjects. We are currently recruiting for Graduate Network and Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineers and Graduate Software Development Engineers. See our Technology page for more details.

Joining SIS as a graduate will give you the chance to develop a varied career at the very heart of international affairs. Whether you are collecting intelligence overseas, translating it, creating the secure communications networks to send it around the globe or presenting it to other Government departments, we are looking for talented graduates with an enquiring mind and good judgement. An adaptable approach and a talent for collaborative working are also vital.

So if you're at least 21 years of age, please explore the site further to see how you can turn your talents into a fascinating and varied career that makes a difference.

Insight Events

We run a limited number of Insight Events across the UK which offer the opportunity for undergraduates and post-graduates to find out more about careers in SIS. We will contact you, normally through the University Careers Service or Department, if we are running an event at or near your university.