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Intelligence is our core business at MI6. Perhaps your passion is for learning about people and what makes people tick? Or maybe you have a strong desire to work overseas and understand other cultures and/or languages? Alternatively, maybe you want to make a real difference by briefing Ministers and senior officials on issues of strategic importance to British national security? If so, then MI6 may be just the right place for you. MI6 - or the Secret Intelligence Service as we are otherwise known - offers a wide range of fascinating and unique roles both overseas and in London. And you might be just the person we are looking for.

As an intelligence officer your focus could be to understand and communicate the UK's defence, security and economic priorities to the rest of SIS. This means liaising with interlocutors from government departments, such as No. 10 or Cabinet Office. It means finding out about the Government's priorities, distilling these into intelligence 'requirements' and working with SIS colleagues to ensure that we gather the intelligence that can inform government decision-making. Once the 'raw' intelligence is collected your role is then to check to its veracity before briefing Ministers and senior officials.

Alternatively, you may be involved in undertaking a substantial targeting effort to find new leads or new angles on an intractable intelligence issue. This involves in-depth analysis from a wide range of sources and working with partners in the intelligence community, GCHQ and the Security Service (MI5). Then you will work in collaboration with Case Officers to turn these new leads into operations - in person or online - taking into account the opportunities and the risks.

Or you could take on a role working on the ground as a Case Officer, recruiting new agents or running existing ones, building on existing long term relationships or developing new ones. This involves working both within the UK and overseas and using your excellent people skills to engage with a wide range of people from all walks of life, to help them gather the intelligence needed to keep our country safe and secure.

To succeed in these roles, we are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds that will enable us to perform our operational roles effectively. People who are unique, but also discreet and who can blend in irrespective of the setting. We are looking for people who have good intellectual skills; a 2.1 degree or a 2.2 degree and relevant work experience. There are opportunities for recent graduates and for people who are looking for a career change after gaining experience elsewhere first. Some experience in learning a foreign language is desirable, but not essential.

Whatever your background you will have the opportunity to use your existing skills and develop new ones. After an initial induction course, you will get the chance to participate in further training depending on your skills and interests. You will have the opportunity to work in London and overseas, receiving language training where appropriate. And as your career develops you will be able to move into management and operational leaderships. You will receive a competitive salary and additional allowances depending on circumstances.

Contrary to some people's pre-conceptions, there isn't an MI6 'type'. The Service strives for diversity in the work place and is committed to the creation and maintenance of a climate in which all staff are treated fairly on the grounds of merit and ability. We judge you solely by the value that you can add to our work. The Service is also proud to be a member of the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme in recognition of its commitment to equality of opportunity regardless of sexual orientation.


Are you an experienced professional?

Alongside Intelligence Officer entry, SIS also has a small number of openings for direct entrants into more senior operational and operational management positions.

We are interested to receive applications from experienced candidates with over 15 years professional success, overseas experience and established language skills.

You must be a British passport holder.

To be considered, please send a CV and descriptive covering letter to Recruitment Dept, PO Box 73517, London W12 2FB.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.


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Thinking Of Applying?

You should only discuss your application with your partner or a close family member, as long as they are British. They should also be made aware of the need for discretion.

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