Language Specialists

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We are currently looking to recruit language specialists with excellent spoken and written skills in Arabic and Mandarin.

As an agency collecting intelligence from all over the world in many different languages and dialects, we couldn't operate without our teams of talented linguists. Working primarily in London, they have the chance to use their language skills day in, day out, translating raw material from both written and spoken sources. The role is fascinating and rewarding; fascinating because you will be working with subject matters that lie at the heart of world events and rewarding because you will be the person making intelligence accessible to people throughout the SIS.

Throughout your career, you'll also have the chance to get involved in other activities; these might include interpreting, role-playing, carrying out foreign language research to identify new leads, becoming a cultural expert, using your linguistic expertise with our overseas partners or to assist with operations overseas. There may also be opportunities to mentor other linguists.

Thinking of applying? 

To be an SIS linguist you will need a very high level of skill in at least one language and a genuine passion for languages. As well as being able to recognise the subtle nuances in your specialist language you should also be capable of translating these into clear and well drafted English.

You should only discuss your application with your partner or a close family member, as long as they are British. They should also be made aware of the need for discretion.

All candidates should launch their applications via our website from within the UK. Those based overseas are advised to wait until they visit the UK before launching an application. Applying from outside the UK will impact on our ability to progress your application.

Please note: if you have applied to us before, we will not consider a new application within two years of your previous submission.

In the future we may have requirements for linguist specialists in other languages, so it is worth revisiting our website from time to time.

If you wish to apply, please do read the Eligibility page to check our requirements, failure to do so may impact on your application. When ready to proceed, please click on the Apply button below.

Please note: when you click on the link below, you'll be leaving the main SIS site for our careers application site.

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