three gears interlocked

£38,153 - £65,973 depending on skills and experience
Central London

Every project is precious, whether it's the delivery of transport infrastructure, developing the next communications network or creating a subsea pipeline. That's why you invest a lot of time in them. Making sure they're well managed. Making sure everything flows, everything 'clicks'. You need to.  Everyone knows how cut-throat business can be. Every penny counts. Every second matters. You only get one chance. A bit like life.

Our work is a bit like that although the projects are probably nothing like you're imagining right now. And thankfully they don't all climax in high-speed chases and shoot-outs in casinos. But they are £multi-million, cutting-edge technology projects, not unlike the ones you'll be used to working on in the Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering, IT, Transport & Logistics or Telecommunications industries for example.

And that means the skills that make you good at what you're doing now, things like good knowledge of project management methodologies, the ability to engage third-party suppliers and successfully deliver projects with a value of £5m+, well they're exactly the kind of vital skills we need. Vital to our projects. And vital to the lives of every UK citizen.

And therein lies the big difference. Because being a Project Manager here means being operationally involved in work that is tackling issues such as terrorism and weapons proliferation. And faster than you can say 007 the focus of a project can turn on its head.

Are you looking to manage projects that are more interesting, more challenging and may surprise you? If so, for the opportunity to discuss what is involved in greater detail and possibly be invited to one of our events in November, December or January, then please email your CV to:

Closing date for receipt of CVs is the 14th December 2012.