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In MI6, we play a vital role in protecting the security and prosperity of the nation. There are few other organisations where everyone has such a strong sense of purpose - and pride - in what they do. Join us, and you'll find yourself part of a diverse, highly motivated team that's chosen on merit and built on loyalty.

Our values define the way we operate:

Integrity - the ability to be honest with oneself and with others is essential. Everyone who works in MI6 is accountable to the Service and, equally the Service is accountable to every one of its people.

Teamwork - the contribution made by every team and department within SIS is highly valued, and we're committed to working closely with government partners and intelligence allies to achieve our goals. This, added to the mutual respect and support shown within MI6 leads to a strong sense of community here.

Making a difference - we judge ourselves by the value we add in our daily work and in the positive ways we influence real world outcomes.

Innovation - we believe in using modern technology, working at pace and being creative and intrepid in meeting our goals.

Join us, and you'll discover that the community atmosphere is enhanced by on-site facilities including a restaurant, gym and library that will give you plenty of opportunities to get to know your colleagues. Finally, you'll find we're also serious about work/life balance, giving you the opportunity to develop a career alongside your chosen lifestyle.