MI6 – a world class organisation that aspires to be as diverse as the work it undertakes

The Chief

"Promoting an inclusive culture and valuing diversity to create a stronger Service."

A message from the Chief

The threats and challenges facing the UK are increasingly complex. As an organisation tasked with protecting our nation and its interests overseas, MI6 needs individuals from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and experience. Not only does a diverse workforce reflect a modern and diverse UK, but it also gives us the widest range of approaches as we consider how to tackle our objectives of keeping the country safe.

We have been working hard on diversity in recent years and have some clear priorities for 2015. As an organisation that historically has been perceived to be a white, male, middle-class dominated environment, our first challenge has been to create a more inclusive culture: a culture where different voices, work styles, personalities, backgrounds and experiences are equally valued and people feel able to be themselves, contribute, challenge and be recognised for what they bring. We have made good progress here, but recognise that there is still much more to do. Our second challenge is to attract, retain, develop and promote a wider range of talent, giving us access to a greater diversity of ideas, perspectives and approaches, and ensuring that our leadership more fully reflects that staff they oversee.

In 2015, our priorities are:

To help all staff understand what we mean by diversity and inclusion and to educate our people on the particular challenges faced by some of their colleagues;

To identify and resolve the practical issues and bureaucracy that get in the way of individuals or groups delivering their best and achieving their potential;

To identify ways to attract and recruit the best talent from a range of backgrounds ensuring that our recruitment processes are rigorous and fair;

To equip leaders and mangers to deliver in an inclusive way that helps get the best out of people and to support promote diversity and inclusion through champions and role models;

To improve our diversity data to enable us to measure the impact our policies are having and to take part in external benchmark programmes to give additional focus and impetus for internal change;

We are supported in our agenda by an excellent network of diversity groups who work with us to raise awareness of issues as well as supporting our staff.

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