Training and development

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If you have the initiative, MI6 has plenty of opportunities for you to learn and take on new challenges. Everyone who joins MI6 begins their career with an induction programme for a briefing on the Service and some IT training. Throughout your career our appraisal process will help map your personal development and training at regular intervals will help you meet those needs. If desired, there will also be opportunities to learn a language in our in-house language classes.

Training will be available to maximise your potential and these programs may vary depending on your career path.  For example:


To keep you right up-to-date we offer a combination of on-the-job training and structured courses leading to formally recognised technical qualifications. Real variety is a hallmark of a career with us. In an organisation of our size, where IT plays such a vital role, there are ample opportunities to develop your career in a number of directions. The emphasis in training is designed to enhance your technical skills but, as your career progresses, you may have the opportunity to spend time in other relevant areas of the Service or move into management.

Business Support Officers

While it is likely we would initially recruit you for your general administrative abilities and you'd go on to pursue an administrative career, it's certainly possible that you could develop specialist skills and experience. Depending on aptitude, we'll encourage you if you want to develop your administrative skills through professional qualifications or specialisms.

Language Specialists

You can expect to work in your main language for at least two to three years, subject to operational requirements, but may well be asked to enhance your language skills by deepening your knowledge of one or more secondary languages, or quite possibly learning a new one to meet the rapidly-changing global agenda.

Corporate Services

It's important to us that everyone is highly deployable so we will actively encourage you to train and learn new skills where necessary. As you may be working in partnership with departments in the Service such as Human Resources, Procurement and Finance, the experience you'll build will be very varied.

Intelligence Officers

All Intelligence Officers take part in an intensive programme which provides briefing on the Service and training in the key skills. At the end of this, training staff will decide which of the three operational officer roles you are initially suited for. After that, training becomes more role specific. We also provide security training and advice to all those who are posted overseas.