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MI6 is a diverse organisation with people from a range of backgrounds with a range of skills and experiences working in the UK and overseas.  There are some qualities that all our people share: integrity, teamwork, innovation and a commitment to making a difference.

Throughout the year we seek to recruit people for the following roles:   

Intelligence Officers - Collecting, analysing and reporting secret intelligence.

Business Support Officers - Assisting with the essential daily running of the organisation, through a broad range of administrative tasks.

Technology Professionals - Ensuring we have secure, innovative IT systems to communicate internationally.

Corporate Services - Working with a range of departments such as HR and Finance.

Language Specialists - Translating raw intelligence in many different languages and dialects from both written and spoken sources.

Trades and Services - From Security Officers to Drivers and Telephonists to Painters and Electricians, these people are essential to the smooth running of the Service. 

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