We take your safety seriously and so offer this advice.

By visiting this website and by contacting us you may draw attention to yourself from people monitoring the internet such as security services, intelligence services and hackers. This is an encrypted website, so while these people should not be able to monitor the details of your contact with us, they may be able to see that you have visited the site.

Please consider whether it is safe for you to make contact at this time from your current location and from the computer you are using at the moment. It may be safer to contact us when you are next travelling away from home or from a computer that is not linked to you.

We suggest you use a private browsing feature if the web-browser you are using allows this. In line with standard security practices consider clearing your browser history and cache at the end of the session.

We are not a law enforcement agency. If you have information relating to immediate threats to the UK, its people or property, please pass this immediately to the Security Service. If you have information relating to immediate threats to other countries, their people or property, please consider contacting the relevant authorities.

We cannot respond to all the messages we receive via this website. We need as much information as possible to help us decide whether the message is of interest to us, including basic contact details so that we can get in touch with you if necessary.