Before joining SIS, I was blighted by the feeling that I had reached a “glass ceiling” at work; I wanted to progress to new opportunities but found that these just weren’t available. A friend of mine recommended the Metropolitan Police, after recently securing a job there. This prompted me to look at other government departments, which is how I found the SIS website.

Throughout the application process, I was consistently treated as an equal, despite many people I interacted with being older and undoubtedly more experienced than myself. SIS presented a great first impression, and a world away from the misconceptions I had held: that I would be a very small fish in a large pond, in a largely male dominated environment, that SIS was a largely unapproachable place to work. In contrast, I was greeted by a diverse, incredibly friendly and supportive team who couldn’t do enough to help me. I think the easiest way to describe the culture at SIS is like a family; everyone is very encouraging, friendly and helpful (sometimes they spot you need help before you even realise it yourself).

My journey into SIS was not how most people think we are recruited; there was certainly no tap on the shoulder by a man wearing dark glasses! I am not university educated and never had any desire to obtain a degree; thankfully the role I applied for didn’t require one. SIS is a wonderfully diverse environment to work in, because of the huge variety of people that we have working here, and absolutely everyone brings something valuable. My advice to you is to know what it is that you could bring, and consider applying.