The intelligence we gather needs to be translated, analysed and converted into useful data to support our operations and inform the UK government. Our language specialists play a vital role in our operational teams, using their linguistic and cultural expertise to process and make sense of this information.

Working with written and spoken sources, you’ll use your linguistic expertise every day to help protect the UK. You could be advising on the cultural issues that influence people from a particular region, or translating complex technical documents and identifying the important sections. 

Initially based in London and dealing with subjects related to global events, you’ll regularly work with our intelligence service partners. As you develop your operational knowledge, you may also have opportunities to work overseas, or to move into different SIS teams in the longer term.

It’s challenging work that requires excellent linguists and team workers who adapt easily to changing demands. With strong emotional intelligence and integrity, you’ll need either a formal language qualification, or experience of studying in your specialist language’s country of origin. In return, you can expect extensive training and support, together with a salary of more than £30k and a language allowance.



Languages and Eligibility

You should have a formal language qualification, together with experience of spending some time in a country that speaks the target language. Your qualification does not have to be a degree, if it’s been studied in a relevant country outside the UK. Any formal education in the relevant country would be a bonus, as this provides ‘cultural fluency and fluidity’.

These are on top of the standard eligibility criteria which can be found here.



Russian Linguist

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Arabic Linguist

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Mandarin Linguist

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As a flexible hour linguist, you will use your language skill to provide audio transcription and translation to support investigations across all three security and intelligence agencies.

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