26 October 2016 - MI6 Chief speaks to Black History Month - "Call for the best of Britain to join us"

As part of Black History Month, Alex Younger, the Chief of MI6, took part in a Q&A interview with Black History Month's Omar Alleyne-Lawler.

In the interview 'C' talks about the work of MI6, the values that underpin it and his desire for it to be as diverse as the country it represents, attracting talent from all communities.

"Fundamentally, I want to put out a call for the best of Britain to join us and help make a difference regardless of where they come from. My ultimate goal is for more people to consider a career in MI6 and to get rid of the myth that it's all about having studied at Oxford or Cambridge or having advanced hand-to-hand combat skills. That stereotype couldn't be further from the truth.

"What is true is that our work at MI6 is exciting, intellectually challenging and it matters. We are Britain's secret frontline, operating upstream in the shadows to keep our friends, families and fellow countrymen and women safe. If you think you have the skills we need, come and join us!"