20 October 2016 - The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, visits MI6

It was with great pleasure that MI6 welcomed the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP to their Vauxhall Cross headquarters in London on his first visit since being appointed Foreign Secretary.  Hosted by the Chief of MI6, Alex Younger (or 'C'), the Foreign Secretary met a range of MI6 staff and heard about the work they do overseas to protect the UK from threats such a terrorism, the spread of nuclear weapons and cyber attacks. He also saw some of the capabilities (including those being developed by our very own 'Q') before addressing MI6 staff, including an informal Q&A.

Commenting on his visit, C said:

"I was delighted to welcome the Foreign Secretary to our Vauxhall Cross headquarters so he could see first-hand the kind of work that MI6 does. He took a keen interest in our current work against a range of threats. I was able to explain that MI6 is growing and looking to recruit the talent it needs to counter the evolving threats to national security, and that we were determined to continue to deliver on the priorities set for us by the Foreign Secretary and the rest of government."

Commenting on his visit, the Foreign Secretary said:

"It's been wonderful to come into MI6 to meet the men and women who work tirelessly to keep our nation safe. Even from my relatively short period as Foreign Secretary I can testify to how vital the work they do is. Whether it's combating terrorism or keeping our nation one step ahead of our adversaries, the brave men and women who work for MI6 do a great job in gathering the crucial intelligence the government needs whilst protecting core British values globally. In an increasingly unpredictable world MI6 is as important now as it's ever been and I am immensely proud of them."