Anthony – Network Engineer

I joined straight from university with an honours degree in Computing and Networks. During my studies I had part time jobs in the fast food industry and as a chef, but I wanted something more meaningful. So, when my partner semi-jokingly suggested MI6, I started researching the network engineer role and other aspects of working here, and soon knew it was where I wanted to be.

I applied online, but I knew the competition would be high, and didn’t expect to get much further. So I was surprised when I was invited to an interview and then an assessment centre, which I passed. Nothing beats the feeling when you're told you’ve been accepted for a job with MI6!

No two days are quite the same. For example, last week I was shadowing someone to learn a support process for a new system when my boss asked if I could urgently go overseas. 24 hours later I was being briefed by "our man in the Middle East" on an office move that needed new technical equipment installed to a tight deadline, with as little disruption as possible. There was no room for error, but I love challenges like this – being part of a great team and knowing that what I do has a real, positive and immediate impact.

When I returned, I was back to working alongside project managers, security experts and software engineers, ensuring the networks we design and implement stay secure and function in an efficient and supportive way.

MI6 is a fantastic place to work. In many ways your career is in your own hands. I’ve had in-house training in skills such as VSAT and RF, and help with gaining professional qualifications. And every three to five years you have the chance to move to an operational or corporate job, or to further specialise and build your technical skills. There are very few places in the world where I could work with such a wide range of network technologies and make such an impact.

Being part of the Service makes you feel more like a member of a family rather than an employee. The work’s fascinating and the people are great. I honestly think working for MI6 is one of the best jobs you’ll have in your life.