Khalid – Network Engineer

I worked in Electrical Engineering for a large manufacturing company for ten years before deciding on a career change. When I saw an advert for a Network System Engineer position, I thought my skills and qualifications were a good match.

I’d applied for other jobs at the time, but this one really stood out for me. I really had no idea what work I’d be doing, but I knew that it would be different to just supporting conventional corporate IT. As well as developing my career as a Network Engineer, I’d be able to use my skills to contribute to the security of the UK.

My initial three-month induction to the service covered general issues, as well as more specific engineering training. This was really good because I learned how to do things I'd never done before, including configuring high grade encryption devices and how to physically install and terminate fibre-optic cable.

One of the best things about my role here is that I’m not just a network engineer. One day you can be programming network switches, another you can be installing satellite systems in Africa.

I get a real buzz working with the other UK intelligence agencies. I get a greater sense of how we’re protecting UK interests, as well as a great insight into how the wider intelligence community operates. Between us we have a fantastic range of technical gear, but what I most enjoy is working together to achieve a common goal. Rather than being stuck behind a desk, I’m always out and about meeting people and getting my hands dirty.

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