SIS is a large organisation, much like many others. But it’s also unlike any other employer you’ll ever work for. Due to the sensitive nature of our operations, if you decide you’d like to apply, you’ll need to be eligible first and pass our security clearance too. Here’s everything you need to know before you progress with your application to work with us.

Your nationality

We protect British interests both at home and overseas. Because of this, we ask you to be a British citizen and to have lived in the UK for the majority of the ten years before you make your application. There are a few exceptions to the residency rule. If you’ve studied abroad, served overseas with HM forces or lived overseas with your parents, you may still be eligible to apply.

One of your parents must be (or have been) a British Citizen too or have substantial ties to the UK.

If you hold dual nationality, you can still apply to SIS, but you’ll usually be required to give up your non-British citizenship before you can take up any role we offer to you.

Your medical history

As part of our online application, you’ll need to complete a medical questionnaire with your full medical history. Depending on your responses, you may be contacted by a member of our Occupational Health team.

We’ll also require you to complete a drugs test, and you should be aware that we’ll be unable to progress with your application if you have:

  • used Class A drugs (like Ecstasy or Cocaine) within the last twelve months.
  • used Class B/C drugs (like Amphetamines, Cannabis, Ketamine) in the last six months.

Our security clearance

When you work for SIS, you’ll have a security clearance relevant to your role. Some of our positions mean you’ll have access to a wide range of sensitive information. It’s paramount, for the safety of our organisation, our people and our country, that this information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Because of this, everyone applying to SIS must pass our security clearance to the appropriate level. It’s a long process, up to three months in most cases, and it takes a very fair, in-depth and pretty intrusive look at your life, including your finances. It’s important to be aware of this commitment before you apply. And it’s important to be completely open and honest when you answer our security questions. If any details are concealed, it will mean your application can’t be taken forward.

Find out more about our assessment process before you decide to apply for any role.