Intelligence is at the heart of all our operations. SIS offers a wide range of fascinating and unique roles both overseas and in London. You’ll understand what makes people tick and be able to blend into any environment, on any mission – understanding that discretion is of paramount importance.

From communicating the UK's defence, security and economic priorities to interlocutors from No. 10 or the Cabinet Office or working with SIS colleagues to gather secret intelligence. You’ll test every piece of intelligence for its veracity and brief Ministers to inform government decision-making.


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Intelligence Officer?

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You could also have the chance to work with the intelligence community, GCHQ and MI5 and turn those leads into operations. Or if you’re on the ground as an agent runner, you’ll recruit and develop new agents or build long-term relationships with those already in the field.

Whatever role you’re tasked with, you’ll engage with people from all walks of life, as you gather the vital intelligence we need to keep our country safe and secure.

Intelligence Officer

Experienced Professional

Are you an experienced professional looking for a new challenge?

Alongside Intelligence Officer entry, SIS also has a small number of openings for direct entrants into more senior operational and expert positions.

We are interested to receive applications from experienced candidates with:

  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • experience of working effectively across cultures with diverse clients and/or stakeholders
  • excellent judgement and proven ability to work successfully across teams and alone
  • at least 10 years of professional success in people-facing roles

Established language skills and overseas experience are desirable but not essential.

You must be a British passport holder.

To be considered, please send a CV and descriptive covering letter to:
Recruitment Dept, PO Box 73517, London, W12 2FB

Only successful candidates will be contacted.