Operational officers
Identify, cultivate, recruit people who can share secrets.
Science & Technology
Be at the heart of everything we do.
Business Support Officers
Support our operations, our business or both.
Trades and Services
Keep our facilities running efficiently and effectively.
Corporate services
From HR to finance, legal to procurement, provide valuable support.
Language Specialist
Use your language skills in a variety of ways.

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We offer a wide range of exciting roles here at SIS. Discover our very latest vacancies and make the decision to apply today.

All candidates need to start their application through our website and from within the UK. If you’re overseas, you should wait until you return to the UK to apply. Unfortunately, if you apply while you’re out of the country it will affect the progress of your application.

You may only submit one application at a time.

We are aware that publishing companies have sought to capitalise on interest in joining MI6 by producing guides to our process. These guides are not endorsed by MI6 and are neither an accurate reflection of the process, nor of work in MI6. Please use the information on our website as your guide: it is the only information we can guarantee.