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New Chief of SIS: Richard Moore CMG

It is an immense privilege to become C and lead such an outstanding organisation. Thank you for all the kind messages I have received since I was appointed.

I re-join my old Service at a difficult time. COVID-19 has shaken the world and has forced us all to live and work in a different way. We are no different. So my first priority will be keeping our brilliant and dedicated intelligence professionals and their families safe and able to continue to work ceaselessly, with our partners, to secure the UK’s interests overseas and keep us safe at home.

This job comes with huge responsibilities to everyone who works for and with us. I pledge to live up to SIS’s values of Integrity, Courage, Creativity and Respect.

This Service, under my leadership, will continue its quest to become one of the most inclusive and representative employers in the UK. We have made real progress in recent years but there is much more to do. Please consider coming to work for us. We’re #SecretlyJustLikeYou.