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Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reports 2023

Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reports 2023

Today we publish our Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap reports. Although we have been publishing our Gender Pay Gap report since 2017, this is the first time we are releasing publicly our Ethnicity Pay Gap report. At SIS, we recognise that this level of transparency is important in holding us to account and in demonstrating our commitment to making the Service representative of the whole of the UK.

This year, there has been little change in the mean gender pay gap, but an increase in the median gap. For ethnicity, there has been a decrease in the mean pay gap, but an increase in the median pay gap. While the news on both the gender and ethnicity pay gaps is disappointing, we are taking action with a number of targeted interventions to improve the attraction, recruitment, retention, progression and recognition of women and ethnic minority staff.

Gender and ethnicity are two of a number of metrics we regularly monitor to identify and explore inequality, and drive accountability and delivery across the Service. In a fully representative and inclusive organisation, the pay gap would be zero. This is something we are striving to deliver, both because it makes us more effective, and because it is the fair thing to do.


You can read the full reports here: