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Days 1 to 30

We’ll welcome you to our community, where you’ll be provided with the key information you need, such as security awareness, pay and pensions, health and safety, and how to access support functions such as Wellbeing and Occupational Health. You’ll also be given your IT accesses and training on information management.

Days 31 to 60

We’ll encourage you to start thinking about your learning and development needs, setting goals, and also introducing you to our staff affinity networks, sports and social groups, to help you meet people with similar passions and interests.

Days 61 to 99

This is where we help you to consolidate your learning. You’ll be introduced to our central development hub where you can find all sorts of useful information to support your training now, and throughout your career.

Day 100 itself will mark the end of the induction, focussing on reinforcing key learnings and also celebrating you reaching this landmark day.

We want everyone who joins our organisation to feel that they belong, and that no matter what role they are doing, they are making a positive impact on the UK’s security.