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Speech by SIS Chief Sir Richard Moore: The Human Factor

Sir Richard Moore, Chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), made his second public speech in role on 19 July 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. He spoke of the threats and opportunities facing the world, "the human factor" which is critical to understanding them and the historic parallels between Russian aggression in Ukraine and Soviet repression of the Prague Spring - which had prompted some Russians to reach out to the West in the interests of peace. He focussed on three key areas: the creativity and resilience shown by the Ukranian people in meeting Russia's aggression, the silent wars which are being waged by hostile states in contested spaces and how Human Intelligence is even more vital in the age of Artificial Inteligence.

Following the speech, POLITICO's Anne McElvoy had the opportunity to ask follow-up questions on these themes, the duty of care MI6 has for their agents and the culture within the organisation.